Heller believes that it is all of our duties to do what we can to save the planet. In this spirit we have attempted to create a closed circle recycling program to execute our portion of the mission and effectively and authentically as possible.

The more we have researched “recycled” materials , the more we became distrustful of the benefit to our planet. Just because people recycled, doesn’t mean they didn’t cause harm to the planet during the process. Chemically enhanced recycling causes us concerns. The process is murky and relatively unchecked.

We want to make a full circle program that not only breeds longevity but active reuse.

Most recyclable product don’t even get recycled. Even people who make the effort only get 10 to 15% of their waste recycled. The system is broken, or basically has never worked.

We can change that. Heller will take our product back and pay shipping for the lifecycle of our product. We will then grind it back into a powder, not using any chemical enhancement and make fresh product using every last spec.

The Heller sustainability program is the first of its kind and will eliminate any mysteries in the chain.

Thank you for taking part and believing that working towards sustainability isn’t an option, it’s our responsibility.

- John Edelman