Josh Owen

Josh Owen stands at the crossroads of innovative design and influential education. A graduate of Cornell University (BA, BFA) and Rhode Island School of Design (MFA), Owen's distinguished career is marked by a seamless blend of practical design and academic rigor. As the Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design and Director at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT, Owen imparts his deep understanding of design to the next generation. His tenure as Director of the Industrial Design Department at RIT saw the inception of the acclaimed Metaproject course, a testament to his educational prowess.

Leading Josh Owen LLC, he is recognized for designs that combine simplicity with profound utility, resonating with both end-users and the design community. His works are featured in prestigious collections worldwide, including the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, showcasing his global impact. Owen's accolades, such as the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awards, reflect his significant contributions to the field. His insightful publication, "Lenses for Design," reveals his depth of thought in design theory and practice

In his studio, Owen focuses on projects that embody a balance of innovation and functionality, emphasizing quality over quantity. His career not only highlights his skill as a designer but also underscores his role as an educator, shaping the future of design through his teachings and creations

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