Modern Accessible Design

Since 1971, Heller has worked with some of the world’s finest designers. Heller products are beautiful and timeless. Used by leading architects for museums, offices, and restaurants as well as homes. Perfect for indoors and outdoors. Recyclable. Industrially produced and ready to ship.

New Products

Fortune Favors the Bold

Introducing the Fortune Chair™ by Jumbo. This enduring lounge chair with comfy curves and a delicious color palette invites you to sit and relax in the newest generation of accessible modern design.

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  • Fortune is made in six appetizing hues inspired by the designers’ shared love for food. “We wanted to make people feel emotionally connected to something when they see it,” Monling Lee says. “Color is a big aspect of that.”

  • Modern transcends time. It is relevant in any environment. It looks equally at home in an old barn as it does in a new high rise. It works in Beijing as well as in Louisville. With Heller, it can also be enjoyed both inside and outside.

  • Modern is aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and designed without ego – and every Heller product meets these criteria. Heller is forever, but should you wish to part with it before then, we will recycle it into the next generation of modern.

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Designer Collections

Lella & Massimo Vignelli

Perfection is something to strive for, but achieving it is almost impossible... 

Frank Gehry Collection

Architect Frank Gehry is known for his twisting, unconventionally shaped buildings. Our...