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Heller has created a simple paradigm: through industrial production, to offer good design at affordable prices.

Since 1971, Heller has worked with some of the world’s finest designers. Heller products are beautiful and timeless. Used by leading architects for museums, offices, and restaurants as well as homes. Perfect for indoors and outdoors. Manufactured in the USA. Recyclable. Industrially produced and ready to ship.

A brief history

For over 50 years, Heller has offered leading designers the opportunity to work with new technologies to create innovative products. Heller continues to explore new processes for manufacturing furniture.

Incorporated in 1971, Heller’s first product was a line of stacking dinnerware designed by Massimo Vignelli. Winner of a Compasso d’Oro award in Italy, it is included in the Museum of Modern Art permanent design collection, New York.


Heller’s furniture division was launched in 1998. The first chair, The Bellini Chair designed by Mario Bellini, won the Compasso d’Oro in 2001. Since then, Heller has worked with other celebrated designers: Massimo & Lella Vignelli, Philippe Starck, Mario Bellini, Vico Magistretti, William Sawaya, Frank Gehry, and Studio 65.

What is modern?

Modern is forever. It can be from 1750, 1950, or 2050 because what makes something modern is more about why and how, and less about when.

Modern transcends time. It is relevant in any environment. It looks equally at home in an old barn as it does in a new high rise. It works in Beijing as well as in Louisville. With Heller, it can also be enjoyed both inside and outside.

Modern is aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and designed without ego – and every Heller product meets these criteria. Heller is forever, but should you wish to part with it before then, we will recycle it into the next generation of modern.

Why Heller


Heller believes that it is all of our duties to do what we can to save the planet. In this spirit we have attempted to create a closed circle recycling program to execute our portion of the mission and effectively and authentically as possible.

The more we have researched “recycled” materials , the more we became distrustful of the benefit to our planet. Just because people recycled, doesn’t mean they didn’t cause harm to the planet during the process. Chemically enhanced recycling causes us concerns. The process is murky and relatively unchecked.

We want to make a full circle program that not only breeds longevity but active reuse.

Most recyclable product don’t even get recycled. Even people who make the effort only get 10 to 15% of their waste recycled. The system is broken, or basically has never worked.

We can change that. Heller will take our product back for the lifecycle of the product. We will then grind it back into a powder, not using any chemical enhancement and make fresh product using every last spec.

The Heller sustainability program is the first of its kind and will eliminate any mysteries in the chain.

Thank you for taking part and believing that working towards sustainability isn’t an option, it’s our responsibility.

Product Authentication

At Heller, we’re leading the fight against counterfeits in design with blockchain-based, NFT-backed Certificates of Authenticity.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is a digital system of record on the Internet that independently verifies information (blocks) across a “chain” of individual computers. By claiming your product, you will validate that you’ve purchased an original piece of authentic design. This enables your product to hold its value in re-sale, gives you access to manufacturers’ sustainability programs and, most importantly, signifies your investment in original design intellectual property.

As the holder of the NFT-backed Certificate of Authenticity, you are eligible for Heller’s take-back and sustainability program. This means that your product will never end up in a landfill. Whenever you decide to part with it, you can ship it back to Heller and we will repurpose the material back into our production process to create new Heller products. The cost of shipping the product back to us can then be used as a credit toward your next Heller purchase.


Heller has won many awards for its products, including:

  • Compasso d’Oro, Italy
  • I.D. Annual Design Distinction for Furniture
  • Industrial Design Excellence Award
  • Industrial Designers Society of America
  • International Design Yearbook
  • International Contemporary Furniture Fair Award for Best Seating
  • Good Design Award
  • The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
  • IF Design 2004
  • Red Dot 2004
  • ICFF Best Outdoor Furniture
  • Best of NeoCon 2004

Be Original Americas

As a Member of Be Original Americas, WE BELIEVE:

  • That original ideas are all created equal
    No matter the original all original ideas should be equally acknowledged and hold the same rights and protections.
  • That investing in original design is good business
    Investing in original design pays off. It keeps its value, is more durable and ages with beauty.
  • That good design makes sense
    Good design makes a difference in the world. It can be sustainable and protect our planet. Good design improves our quality of life.
  • In the designer and creators
    Designers’ designs and ideas are their property and that of the company they have partnered with in creating and manufacturing the work.
  • In protecting the designer and company
    Young designers and ambitious design brands need design protection to foster innovation, explore possibilities, and usher in the future.
  • In the future of design
    Design gives back to the industry as a whole and to the people it serves. By purchasing authentic design you are investing in the future of design.
  • In true partners
    A community of people who believe in these ideas and join the fight to support original design.
  • In the customer
    The customer will choose the original when they know and understand the work of the designer, the value of quality, and the investment it takes to create something original.
  • In creativity
    We believe in creating — NOT imitating. Making something original, with inspiration from the past and historic traditions is part of the learning process to create something wholly new.
  • In Authenticity
    The authentic way is the right way – for end users, designers, the companies that develop new original designs through research, creativity, investments and skills.

Be Original Americas is a 501(c)6 non-profit committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and consumers on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design.

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