Care & Maintenance

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UV Exposure

Our rotationally molded product is manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with UV stabilizers. All polyethylenes are susceptible to degradation upon long term exposure; the result is the material becomes brittle. UV stabilizers act to absorb, transfer and reflect UV. It is recommended in extreme weather (defined as below 15°F and above 100°F) the items be covered when not in use to prolong the finish of the material.


For minor spots Heller recommends a damp soft cloth and non abrasive bleach free cleaner.
For heavier marks a mild bleach free detergent (such as dishwashing liquid diluted in warm
water) and soft brush with will be sufficient. Wipe excess water off with a chamois.

Polishing & Scratches

We recommend polishing the Furniture with NOVUS® Plastic Clean & Polish once a month
for high traffic uses; every two the three months for normal use. This helps to maintain the
original finish and can help to hide minor scratches and wear. NOVUS® has several
products for various levels of scratches, the website: will provide more
information about their products and where they can be purchased.


Hellerware | Care & Maintenance

FDA safe and BPA- and BPS-free. Wash before use. Not safe for microwave, oven, heat lamps or warming drawers. When serving hot food items, especially soups and beverages, they should not exceed 180°F.

Melamine & Polystyrene material is not unbreakable and may scratch with the use of sharp utensils or damage if dropped.