William Sawaya


β€œThe challenge with Calla was to integrate what I had learned about the composition, weight, resistance and technology of plastic into an evocative chair with sex appeal and comfort in a form unlike any other plastic chair.” – William Sawaya

William K. Sawaya, Italian, was born in Beirut in 1948. He graduated in Architecture in 1973 from the National Academy of Fine Arts of Beirut.

Particularly interested to the definition of internal spaces (his first successes were obtained with the projects of some residences in Lebanon), he extends his professional activity to France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Russia, the USA and the Arabic Golf. In Paris and Milan he studied and experienced in the field of Product Design which he considers an important part of a coherent project in living culture.

In 1978 he moved to Italy and established, together with Paolo Moroni, Sawaya & Moroni Design office, and in 1984 they founded Sawaya & Moroni Contemporary Furniture, where he directs the artistic and project activities.

He joins various personal and collective art and design exhibitions.

His work has been published on various design and architectural books, magazines and newspapers. He appears in various TV reportage and interviews, his work is present in various museums, as well as in public and private collections.

Calla (Set of 4)
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