Anna Dawson


Anna Dawson, an accomplished designer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York, finds inspiration in the effortless flow and buoyancy of surfing, a passion born from her struggles and ultimate love for the sport. Born in Sausalito, California to architect parents, she was nurtured to see the world through the lens of art and design. Her childhood, a balanced mix of creativity and outdoor exploration, instilled in her a curiosity that continues to influence her work.

Anna's design philosophy captures her quest for symbiosis between the body and water, reflecting her personal journey towards mastering the art of surfing. Her creations strive to emulate the exhilarating feeling of effortlessly riding a wave, merging functionality and artistic expression with a hint of her own personal narrative.

An alumnus of Whitman College and Rhode Island School of Design, Anna honed her photography and furniture design skills, culminating in a unique style that tells a story of resilience, discovery, and love for nature. Her work celebrates the serendipity of life, chasing the elusive, yet rewarding feeling of being in harmony with the natural world.