Philippe Starck


Philippe Starck is an acclaimed French designer renowned for his work across a multitude of disciplines, ranging from interior design to technology, and even space exploration. As the son of an aeronautical engineer, Starck was introduced to the concept of design at an early age, sparking a passion that would develop into a prolific career.

One of Starck's many notable creations is the Louis Ghost Chair, produced by Italian furniture company Kartell. This piece, a modern reinterpretation of the Louis XVI armchair, ingeniously combines classic design with innovative material. Constructed entirely of transparent and durable polycarbonate, the chair has established itself as a beloved icon of contemporary design.

Starck's ingenuity extends into the culinary sphere with his design of the Deglon Meeting Knife Set. This piece, featuring four nested knives, masterfully combines practicality with aesthetics, encapsulating his ability to enhance daily experiences with thoughtful design.

In the realm of technology, Starck has left his mark with groundbreaking contributions like the first widely available personal drone, the AR.Drone, designed for Parrot. This device melded recreational and technological innovation and confirmed Starck's prowess in integrating design and advanced technology. Further solidifying his status as a futurist, Starck collaborated with Axiom Space on the interior design of their commercial space modules, a testament to his forward-thinking vision.

Starck's whimsical creativity shines through in the Zikmu Parrot by Starck speakers. This design, whimsically named after his pet parrot, exemplifies his knack for infusing humor into innovation, transforming everyday objects into sources of delight and intrigue.

In line with his mission of bringing "democratic design" to the masses, Starck's work continually strives for quality, aesthetic beauty, and accessibility. Philippe Starck's remarkable career has forever changed the face of design across industries, enriching our everyday lives with functionality, beauty, and joy. His legacy continues to inspire people around the world, reminding us that even the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary.

Philippe Starck's commitment to "democratic design" is perhaps best exemplified in his collaboration with Heller, the manufacturer known for making high-quality design accessible. The Excalibur Toilet Brush, an everyday item transformed by Starck's innovative thinking, is a testament to his unique approach to design. Starck dared to rethink the mundane, turning a toilet brush into a design piece that combined functionality with elegance. This creation reflects Starck's belief that good design should be available to all and that it can bring joy and beauty even to the most ordinary aspects of life. With the Excalibur Toilet Brush, Philippe Starck showcased the boundless potential of design, illustrating his vision that the extraordinary can indeed be found in the everyday..