Pride of place

No matter where you live, you should feel at home. Heller and DWR are proud to support Outright International with a special giveaway on Instagram: Enter for your chance to win a Rainbow Hellerware Dining Set for 6. For each entry, MillerKnoll Foundation will donate $25 (up to$15,000 total) to LGBTIQ nonprofit Outright International. #PrideMonth

Visit @HellerFurniture or @DesignWithinReach on Instagram to enter!

New Products

Fortune Favors the Bold

Introducing the Fortune Chair™ by Jumbo. This enduring lounge chair with comfy curves and a delicious color palette invites you to sit and relax in the newest generation of accessible modern design.

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  • Fortune is made in six appetizing hues inspired by the designers’ shared love for food. “We wanted to make people feel emotionally connected to something when they see it,” Monling Lee says. “Color is a big aspect of that.”

  • Lo moderno trasciende el tiempo. Es relevante en cualquier entorno. Se ve igual de cómodo en un antiguo granero que en un nuevo rascacielos. Funciona tanto en Beijing como en Louisville. Con Heller, también se puede disfrutar tanto en el interior como en el exterior.

  • Lo moderno es estéticamente agradable, altamente funcional y está diseñado sin egoísmo, y todos los productos de Heller cumplen con estos criterios. Heller es para siempre, pero si desea deshacerse de él antes de esa fecha, lo reciclaremos en la próxima generación de modernos

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Lella y Massimo Vignelli

Perfection is something to strive for, but achieving it is almost impossible... 

Colección Frank Gehry

Architect Frank Gehry is known for his twisting, unconventionally shaped buildings. Our...